October Outreach

So many verses and parables teach us how we should be living our days. We recall the story of Lazarus. Jesus told a story of a poor man named Lazarus who longed, yes, longed, to satisfy his hunger. 
I wonder what it felt like to lay on the ground, his body covered in sores, nothing to eat, day after day? I hope and pray no one in our Cross of Glory family ever experiences a single day like that! Yes, our Lord took care of Lazarus after he died, but the rich man in the story did not care for Lazarus while he was alive. 
Our focus for October will be the Food Bank of the Rockies… our designated $500 monthly benevolence to give food to the poor. 
If you are available to volunteer at the Food Bank, please visit their website at foodbankrockies.org.
Click on “Volunteer” and go through the sign up. They can really use the help with holidays coming.

Metro Caring’s
October Items of the Month:
Personal Hygiene Items
The  good  folks  at  Metro Caring  have requested the need for personal hygiene items is still there. 
Please provide soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes for our Big Orange Box, BOB, at the front of the church or in our narthex at Cross of Glory.
Of course, canned food items are also welcomed!Bring those to BOB as well. Remember Lazarus. 
Lisa Schmidt, Outreach & Evangelism Chairperson