Grocery Cards

Can we assume that all of us appreciate when we can get benefits/money in return for our “investments?”  We know of the “heavenly benefits” we receive when we give our offering donations to Cross of Glory!  By purchasing reloadable King Soopers AND Safeway/Albertsons gift cards from Colette Kerlin, a percentage of the purchase of the card and our subsequent grocery shopping comes back to Cross of Glory.  You can purchase the initial Safeway/Albertsons card for $5 and the King Soopers card for $25. Go to the respective customer service desks or cash registers to add more money to your card. You may use cash, debit or a credit card.  If you reload at the cash registers,  please  make  sure it is done prior to your order being rung up. The cards make shopping easier. You and Cross of Glory benefit! 

Are you planning special family gatherings? Often times, parties involve extra food. If you need to travel to another gathering, your vehicle may need gas. If you have your reloadable King Soopers, Safeway/Albertson gift cards, your shopping for food and gasoline is made easier.  If not, these initial reloadable cards (King Soopers for $25 and Safeway/Albertson for $5) are available from Colette Kerlin. When you need to add more money to the cards, go to the respective King Soopers or Safeway/Albertson customer service desks or cash registers. You may use cash, debit or a credit card. If you reload at the cash register, please do so before your order is rung up. You benefit – and so does Cross of Glory! Good stewardship!  Thank you.