Cross of Glory is enrolled in rewards programs at King Soopers and Safeway. Both grocery chains give Cross of Glory a percentage of your purchases at no additional cost to you.  Colette Kerlin can provide you with instructions on how to enroll in the King Soopers rewards program. It’s quick and easy!  Safeway’s program involves reloadable gift cards. Both programs supplement Cross of Glory’s income without any extra expenditure to you.


If you have purchased a reloadable Safeway gift card from Cross of Glory in the past, those cards can no longer be reloaded.  Safeway changed to a new gift card vendor at the beginning of 2023 and new cards are now available from Julie Prange or Colette Kerlin.  Your old Safeway card is still valid for whatever balance you have but no additional funds can be added to it. The new Safeway gift cards come with a $0 balance. Therefore, you will need to load funds onto the new card at a Safeway store prior to making your purchases.

Thank you to everyone who participates in the grocery rewards programs. Your support makes a real difference in our church finances..