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  • Pastor Mike's Message

    • Pastor Mike’s Message – January

      Happy New Year Cross of Glory!

      Well, we made it through a busy December!  We made it through the Mayan Doomsday!  We made it once again to Bethlehem to take in God’s Miracle anew!  As many in our congregation and community came together for worship on Christmas Eve and Day this year, I challenged all to carry the Christ-child from the manger into the world.  I was reminded of a devotional I read in preparation for our Christmas services.

      Writer Mary Lou Carney shared this story:

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    President's Message

    • President’s Message – January

      I love the freshness of a new year!  It feels good to start things anew, and a clean slate is always nice.  However, all too quickly we become bogged down in “stuff”, and our good intentions get sidetracked and we lose sight of our goal.  I’ve had my share of New Year’s resolutions that have gone astray as time marched on.  It doesn’t feel good and I have felt like a failure as a result.  On the other hand, I’ve also completed some goals and know the satisfaction that comes in doing this.  That feels a lot better!

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    • January News


      helpinghandsOUTREACH FOCUS

      Our January focus is the Helping Hands Ministry. 

      Cross of Glory’s outreach program supports a different organization or program each month, with a minimum of $400 of congregational funds committed to that particular organization or program. In 2011, the Helping Hands program began at Cross of Glory as a means of helping people in our midst who are struggling in a variety of ways.  Since that time, numerous people have been provided a “hand up” in their time of need.  This has included transportation or other assistance in addition to financial support.  The program has helped congregational members and non-members alike.  Your financial contribution to Helping Hands will be put to good use right here in our own church family and community.If you are experiencing difficulty and have a need, please contact Pastor Mike.  Similarly, if you are aware of someone in need, please share that concern with him.  Helping Hands cards are also available in the narthex that may be filled out and left for Pastor.  The program is overseen by Pastor and two Church Council members.  Any assistance from the Helping Hands ministry is totally confidential.  If additional information is desired about this special outreach program, please contact Pam Lemster or Julie Prange.



      Thank you for your support of Cross of Glory by purchasing King Soopers and Safeway gift cards in $50 increments following our worship services. (Colette Kerlin has Albertsons cards that can be scanned too.)  You – and Cross of Glory benefit.  Great Stewardship!


      We will combine the February and March information into one newsletter again this year.  I appreciate your willingness to look ahead for news during that two month period. Additional news updates will be available through the weekly bulletins.  Please submit your information to by Sunday, January 27THANKS!      1Mary Lemke

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