Faith Breakfast Fellowship (July 27th)


On the last Saturday of June, knowing you have been looking for a place to gather for fellowship, brunch, and discussion taken from an interesting book, your prayers have been answered! At Cross of Glory, on Saturday, June 29, at 10:00 AM, our Faith Breakfast Fellowship group will meet!The fellowship occurs the moment you enter Cross of Glory. Carin Davis prepares a delicious brunch for the special price of $8.00. A discussion, taken from the book Men of the Bible written by Ann Spangler & Robert Wolgemuth, will be interesting. We will be discussing the chapter on Esau.


Plan to be with us. And as always, be sure to invite others to be part of the group. Bring friends, men and women, to join us.

Contact me with any questions.

    Pam Lugo, 303-907-8410