Welcome to Cross of Glory Lutheran Church!

We welcome newcomers to Cross of Glory, and take joy in how important it is to make our visitors feel appreciated. We invite you to stay after service to enjoy coffee in our Fellowship Hall. We are privileged to have you visiting with us!


Jan Reich, President
Clancy Ellebracht, President-Elect
Pam Lugo, Secretary
Edie Carlson, Treasurer
Steve Wilson, Education
Helen Devantery, Fellowship
Lisa Schmidt, Outreach
Shelly Blakely, Property
Carin Davis, Stewardship and Finance
Mary Lemke, Worship and Music

Each committee focuses on a particular facet of our church life in order to develop educational and social programs, care for our physical building and grounds, nurture us on our faith journey and provide the financial means by which to support our church.  Pastor Mike serves as an advisory member to the Church Council, keeping us on track as a guiding light to all.

Altogether, we bring our various backgrounds, talents, education and experiences together as we consider how to serve our current members even as we reach out to help others.  Please pray for our church leaders and support them throughout the year.  You may be asked to serve on a committee, to help with a special project, or do a given task on a certain day.  Please say “yes” or better yet, volunteer without being asked!  Know that we are stronger when everyone works together for the common good – that of serving our Lord and Savior. – President, Julie Prange

Bible Study Groups:

There are several ways to get the most out of God’s teachings. Join us for a bible study group, women’s faith group or book club.


Meet the Congregation…We’re a friendly bunch!

Join us in worship!