Prayer requests

1.  Jim Mueller continues to be at St. Joseph’s hospital.  I talked with Jim’s son Todd and hour ago.  Todd said that Jim’s doctors are now hoping to take as much as 25 pounds of excess fluid off of Jim’s legs before an anticipated pacemaker surgery.  When I saw Jim in the hospital the other day he continued to be in great spirits.  I will see him again tomorrow.  Keep the Muellers in your prayers.
2.  I had a nice lunch today with Jeff Johnson.  Jeff is in the process of preparing his home for sale before traveling to stay, to live, in Indonesia.  You remember that Jeff, married in 2013 has been separated from his wife because of financial/immigration issues these years.  Jeff will go to Indonesia rather than keep waiting on the prospect of his wife being allowed entrance into the United States.  Please keep the Johnsons in your heart and in your prayers.