“May I”… ask for your help?

“May I”, are the polite words all our fathers and mothers taught us. Two little words that can give comfort, show caring, brighten someone’s day, or in my case, ask for your help.

We have had problems with the front and back doors being left unlocked, bathroom and fellowship hall lights left on…and even ALL the lights left on!  We like that we can have our church for everyone to use. We just need to remember to leave our church locked and in good shape upon departure.

May I ask that you double-check that all doors are locked and lights are out when you leave?  If someone is still there, tell him or her you are leaving. Check with them if they know how to lock up – and thank them.  

Remember “May I” goes a long way for such small words! 

It is everyone’s job to take care of our church home!

Carin Davis