June 17th Father’s Day Special Celebrations

Special things happen in June. On Sunday, June 17, special men in our lives are honored on Father’s Day. Were you born in June?   

Cross of Glory has a special celebration on Sunday, June 17, following our worship service, as we honor father and/or father figures  and individuals born in June.

We are aware of those of you who celebrated your birthdays with us last year. However, if there are those who were not with us, we want to celebrate with you as well.  EVERYONE with June birthdays, please write your birth date information on the paper found in our pew pads and/or contact Carin Davis. 

A gift of dessert will be waiting for our June birthday individuals, father/father figures and everyone else in our Fellowship Hall. 

Thank you, Pam Lugo, for providing the delicious dessert last month.