Now that most Americans have been vaccinated against the virus… and there is a sense of a return to greater “normalcy” in our daily affairs… perhaps you are feeling more at ease in inviting others into your home.  Pastor Mike is hoping to be visiting with you soon!  Though there was always opportunity to meet outdoors somewhere… or a place of your being more comfortable… he is especially wanting to make things easier for you by seeing you in your homes.  Of course, meeting at Cross of Glory is an option.  Maybe you would prefer meeting at a park or another outdoor venue.  WHEREVER you prefer, Pastor Mike is hoping to be meeting with you soon.

And of course, there does not need to be a pressing need nor concern that prompts your phone call to him.  As many who have returned to worship in our sanctuary can attest, JUST SEEING ONE ANOTHER IN PERSON, regardless of the situation, has been heartwarming.  There does not need to be a care or concern (though CERTAINLY that can be a cause for the visit) and wearing masks certainly can be done.  Though we are ever so thankful that tremendous progress has been made towards seeing Covid behind us, there continues to stories of infections among the non-vaccinated and even strains of the virus popping up.  We have come too far… having sacrificed much at church and abroad… to throw care to the wind.

And let us ever be mindful of those dear ones in our fellowship who are in assisted living situations who may feel especially isolated.  Rules vary from nursing homes to nursing homes about visits generally.  It has been only the last couple of weeks that certain hospitals have permitted open visiting.  Won’t you especially phone those known to be in assisted living situations these days, Bert Carlson, Bob Carlson, Roger Matlock, Lenora Moore, Barbara Palmer and Lisa Schmidt (and their family members) to ward off their possible feelings of isolation?  And certainly, do not forget those homebound… those we are not seeing on ZOOM who nonetheless ARE Cross of Glory… our friends and loved ones.

Pastor Mike is anxious to see you… and is waiting for your call.  Please get in touch soon!