Info you will need for Ash Wednesday’s service

Be ready this evening with some ashes of sorts.  Burn a paper safely. Get some dirt from out back and mix it with some water.  Improvise. On this Ash Wednesday, we will mark our own foreheads with a reminder of the cross and the love of God.
And if you want to support our Outreach designation for the next 6 Wednesday night offerings, make out your checks to Cross of Glory… but in this instance… earmark your check to go to “Seeds of South Sudan.”  Jan Reich our Outreach Chairperson shares these thoughts about this ministry:
Seeds of South Sudan was founded in Colorado in 2011. It is a faith-based organization dedicated to educating and nurturing South Sudanese orphans to be seeds of change in their country.
Seeds founder Arok Garang and volunteers interview children at Kakuma Refugee Camp who are recommended by community leaders. They must be:
  1. Orphans
  2. Willing to learn
  3. Willing to help rebuild their country.
Students start formal education at Roots Academy (K-8).  Others attend high schools and university in Kenya. As our Seeds scholars graduate high school, we are committed to providing post-high school education so they can rebuild South Sudan.
Seeds is designated as a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, so your donations are fully tax deductible.
Thanks, Jan 
Lent is upon us!  Thanks be to God!