COG Yard Sale, Saturday, August 8, 8am – 2pm

NOTE – The “official” date has been set for our Yard Sale – Saturday, August 8!  All of you have used some of your “free” time these past months realizing there are items you desperately need, but unfortunately, you have no space for them.  Then, you’ve found “treasures” you no longer need and by making those items available for our Cross of Glory Yard Sale, your lack of space issue for new items has been solved!!! Two blessings – your needed items, donated by others, can be found at the Cross of Glory Yard sale as well! 

Items can be brought to church on Friday, July 31 and Friday, August 7, from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  If you need help transporting items to Cross of Glory, please contact Shelly Blakely at 303-549-0056.

This year, as a monumental help, please, please, please put a price tag on your item before you donate it to church.  This will save Cross of Glory folk the formidable challenge of pricing all items donated…and remember:  We will NOT be receiving electronic items such as computers and televisions for our Yard Sale. 

We need helpers for our Yard Sale.  You would be paid nothing for your assistance but certainly would be considered a prime candidate for sainthood.  How about it?  Please talk with Shelly Blakely or a council person about your willingness to help!