AUGUST OUTREACH FOCUS: Sky Ranch and Rainbow Trail

We are supporting our two Colorado Lutheran camps – Sky Ranch and Rainbow Trail – as our August Outreach focus.  Sky Ranch is located 55 miles west of Fort Collins.  Rainbow Trail is southwest of Canon City.  Due to COVID-19, both Rocky Mountain camps have experienced significant challenges this year, resulting in difficult program decisions.  Sky Ranch has suspended all planned summer programs until at least August 7, and possibly longer.  In the meantime, it has developed on-line resources to support and strength faith formation.  Rainbow Trail has also chosen to provide summer ministry with on-line day camps.  Rainbow Trail has pledged to pay their summer staff this year even if they do not hold any summer youth camps – a $174,000 financial commitment.  You can obtain more information about these Lutheran camps on their websites – and

In addition to youth ministry, Rainbow Trail and Sky Ranch have historically sponsored special programs for confirmation groups, men’s and women’s retreats and family advent events.  Both camps have actively worked to improve their facilities in recent years.  Sky Ranch completed a new retreat center last fall and Rainbow Trail is continuing their land exchange program with the National Forest Service to own land previously leased at their camp site.

If you care to support these outdoor ministry programs, please consider making a designated offering to Cross of Glory.  Simply mark “Summer Camps” in the memo line of your check, or you can designate either “Rainbow Trail” or “Sky Ranch” if you prefer to direct your financial support to a particular camp.  Any gift will be appreciated as we help these special ministries during this difficult year.