AUGUST OUTREACH & EVANGELISM FOCUS HELPING HANDS          The ‘dog days’ of August are upon us!  For some, summer vacation is over as children and teachers return to school. For others, the month of August is one hot day after another.  Our congregation reaches out in love to the community, the country, and the world. Throughout the year, we reach out to those who have a need. Several years ago, growing out of those needs, Cross of Glory created a Helping Hands Ministry. For August, we have our own Helping Hands ministry for those among us who have special needs. This program is a great way to assist those in our Cross of Glory family. If you know of a member who could use a helping hand with something, whether it be financial, help around their house or a ride to the doctor, please let Pastor Mike know. All requests are confidential.  Also consider supporting the Helping Hands program with your time or service. If you can help, please let Pastor Mike know of your availability.
Metro Caring’sAugust Item of the Month YOUR CHOICE              
This month, you decide what you want to donate to Metro Caring.  Know that anything you give will be appreciated by those who receive your donation.  Let’s all be generous to help feed hungry people in the Denver area.  Bring your donations inside with you on Sunday mornings or please place your donations in “BOB”, the Big Orange Box near the front door of the church. 
Thank you for caring and sharing!
Lisa Schmidt, Outreach and Evangelism Chairperson