Annual Time, Talent, and Treasure Drive

We thank God for the gift that Shelly Blakely has been to us as our Stewardship council person.  Shelly took on our Shredding Event and our Yard Sale.  She solicited your help with the events and now as we move into November, given our annual Time, Talent and Treasure Drive, Shelly is soliciting your help once again.

Be on the lookout for the 2024 Time and Talent Sheets and Financial Pledge Cards being mailed or  placed in your mailbox in the narthex.

During this month of Thanksgiving, churches everywhere encourage their members and friends to prayerfully consider what Time, Talents and Treasures they will share in their respective churches for the upcoming year. We also at Cross of Glory hold our Annual Stewardship Drive in November, and we pray, that all members of our congregation return Time, Talent and Financial Pledge Cards to our, your, church by November 26, the last Sunday in November,  

Too often, we assume others in the congregation will do the many tasks necessary to keep Cross of Glory vibrant and impactful. Sometimes we underestimate our abilities to give and consequently, depend on others to BE the church. May it not be so at our, your church! Especially given our few numbers and unique challenges, we need ALL members to be involved… and this cheerfully and sacrificially. Shelly Blakely, our Stewardship Chairperson, invites you to take to heart the Time and Talent sheet that you will soon be receiving (either at Cross of Glory or via the mail). You also will be receiving a Financial Pledge Card. As you consider what you are willing to share at Cross of Glory in 2024, please do not assume someone else will do what we, you, have the opportunity to do. As we are getting older, with few kids and younger families in our congregation, the time is especially upon us to step up and to do more than we have done in the past. 

Please be sure to do what you can to minister at our church and consider what additional ways you may be able to share Jesus with others. BE an active part of our congregation. BE looking for Shelly’s letter soon. Please receive it with openness and a willingness to all the more BE involved. Pray! Pray! Pray!   Thank you!