Lutheran Christians have a rich heritage of taking seriously God’s Word. We revere the Written Word of God, the Bible and the Incarnate Word of God, Jesus the Christ as authorities for faith and daily living. How about you prioritize the Scriptures by joining us on Tuesday evening for 6:30 PM Zoom Bible study? Steve Wilson does a marvelous job in leading us through the Scriptures, this with the help of the many other Cross of Glory participants. Together we are better!  We may have missed you in being with us regularly on Tuesday nights. Change that! Beginning Tuesday evening, September 20, at 6:30 PM, via Zoom,  Steve will lead us in a study of the Old Testament book of Isaiah. So many Messianic prophecies come from Isaiah and Steve thinks that this would be a marvelous anticipation to glorious Advent and Christmas celebration. Make plans to join us beginning Tuesday evening, September 20 at 6:30 PM via Zoom. Thank you.