Thanksgiving Celebrations!

It was against the backdrop of America’s bloodiest war that President Abraham Lincoln declared a National day of Thanksgiving. Think about that! About the time that we feel like throwing in the towel… that things cannot get much worse… we would do well to step back from troublesome circumstances long enough to recognize that in a bigger picture, we are blessed beyond measure! How many people on the planet would instantly change places with us as American citizens? In but a few days, we, the people, will elect our president. We will choose new congressional leaders and enact laws through a democratic process. We are rich people indeed regardless of today’s problems. And the greatest of our blessings? That God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that we might have everlasting life! All good gifts come from God. We have been restored, redeemed and resurrected. Consequently, we are to respect, obey, love, and serve the living God.

JOIN US on Thanksgiving Eve at 7:00 pm ZOOM worship! And, Give Thanks!

It has been said that perhaps the greatest of sins is a thankless heart. Let us not withhold our thanksgivings. Plan on joining us for Cross of Glory Thanksgiving Eve Worship (via Zoom) at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, November 25. I will be leading worship that evening with my wife, Pastor Barb Lemke. We will encourage members of her church, Bethel Lutheran to join us for Thanksgiving Eve worship. I will reach out to Pastor Todd Hawkins from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and ask if he and POP members would like to join us. Certainly, be with us at 7:00 PM Wednesday evening, November 25 for a heartfelt expression of our gratitude to God for all our many, many blessings. Thank you!  Pastor Mike Lemke