Sunday, September 9: If only Denver could love God as much as Denver seems to love the Broncos!

We have always KICKED OFF our Cross of Glory Fall programming with different and fun Rally Sunday worship services. This year will be no exception. We will have a good time together as we encourage all attending Cross of Glory on Sunday, September 9th to break out their orange and blue Bronco colors, wearing whatever Bronco paraphernalia they choose to wear for church that morning. Perhaps you are not a Broncos fan and you want to support your team in worship Rally Sunday morning. By all means, wear your team colors and jerseys and join us! We promise to pray extra hard for any Raiders fans who attend.

Using a football theme, we will have a spirited worship service at Cross of Glory. Friends from Prince of Peace will be joining us after worship for a tailgate party that we will have at church. They will be bringing salads and desserts. We will supply the hamburgers and hot dogs. Of course, anyone who wants to bring something to share would be welcome (and appreciated) to do so. Feel free to invite neighbors and friends to both worship and our tailgate party thereafter.

Pet Lemster is our Music and Worship chairperson. Talk to her about any ideas that you might have incorporating a football theme into our worship service. Pat is looking for committee members. With a busy, Fall celebratory worship schedule, including soon-to-be-around-the-corner Christmas, Pat would appreciate your volunteering to help her on the Music and Worship committee.

And remember, sometimes the Broncos fumble. God never does! See you on Rally Sunday, September 9, at Cross of Glory!