Sunday, February 12 Service: Wear your team jerseys and sportswear for Superbowl 10 am Sunday Worship!

This upcoming Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday, February 12th) I am hoping that you feel comfortable breaking out your sportswear and showing off your devotion to whatever sports teams you love donned in your gear for both 10 AM worship and our SOUPer Bowl party at 4 at church that afternoon! Hopefully, we will have a good Cook Park turnout and you can chat with our neighbors about the game AND invitations to Cross of Glory generally. Bring a snack to share at our party!  And keep bringing in your soup donations!  We are on our way to 10,000 cans… with your help, we pray!  Money to pay for the soup is appreciated as well!
Please let me know of additional email addresses (or corrections/edits to existing ones) as we reach out to more people.  And please let me know if you would rather NOT be receiving these notices.  I would really appreciate it.
Hopefully by now you have seen the 76 goals I have for us at Cross of Glory this year.  What grabbed you? Which ones will you be able to help with? Let me pose this week’s 3 questions to you…
1.  Are you a Thrivent member?
2.  Now that Covid is behind us, would you be willing to visit one or two of our Cross of Glory shut-ins once a month?
3.  Would you be willing to pick up someone who is challenged with transportation issues to be with us for COG worship and activities from time to time?
Please consider the 3 different questions that I will be posing to you each week over these next months.  Get back to me with your responses.  Let me, us, know how you are doing.  What prayer requests do you want passed on?
We will be inviting our church members and friends… and all in Cook Park… to join us each Sunday beginning Sunday, February 26th at 11:30 for “Our Hour of Power.”  We will be in concentrated prayer for an hour after worship on Sundays at 11:30… praising the Lord and our good fortunes while asking God for help with any number of things.  Be a prayer warrior!  Join us!  IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Chiefs or Eagles?  Who cares?  God has always been a Saints fan!