Scriptures and Hymns for Sunday, November 15 worship service

Join us at 10:00 AM ZOOM Worship Service!  Here are our hymns and scripture lessons to help you prepare! 

The hymns can be found by clicking here.  It is helpful if you are able to print the hymns for tomorrow’s service – and you can sing them all day today and prior to the service tomorrow morning in the meantime!

Our scripture lessons are:
Zephaniah 1:7, 12-18
1 Thessalonians 5:1-11
Matthew 25:14-30

Thank you, Kelli Dankenbring and George Frank, for reading these passages for us.  May I suggest you find and read these scripture lessons in your Bibles?  You will have a preview of tomorrow’s service!

It’s also our Cross of Glory Birthday Celebration Sunday!  We want to honor ALL of you who were born in November!  PLEASE plan to be with us.  We are family.  Families celebrate their birthdays together.  Invite your friends to join us for YOUR party!

Be sure to sign on before 10.  Once we get into the service, it is more difficult to be mindful of those arriving late wanting to join our meeting to be allowed entrance.  Thanks for understanding.