The last Sunday of October in Lutheran churches is always Reformation Sunday. Remembering the contribution of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, change occurred, and Lutheran churches everywhere remember the hope of a grace-filled future.

This year there will be a change for us at Cross of Glory on Reformation Sunday, October 25. Your church council has decided to try having us worship inside our building on that Sunday!  It has been 7 months since we have been inside our sanctuary.  How wonderful to celebrate Reformation Sunday by re-forming ourselves… by forming ourselves back into the pews at church!  Safety being paramount, please look carefully at the mandates for indoor worship found elsewhere in this October newsletter.  Just as Martin Luther broadened ideas about what constitutes “church,” coming back into our building would feel like a re-commitment to church generally.  Depending on how well we safely gather, we will come closer to worshipping indoors regularly again. Joy!