Reformation Sunday, October 25, Hymns and Scriptures

It’s Reformation Sunday!  It is a special Celebration in our Lutheran churches! WE ARE UNABLE TO WORSHIP INDOORS IN OUR CROSS OF GLORY SANCTUARY AS WE HAD HOPED.  

As Pastor Mike stated in a recent email, “Because of the recent resurgence of virus infections in Denver, and the mayor’s new rules regarding public gatherings, your church council rethought its decision to meet indoors for worship at Cross of Glory this upcoming Sunday, Reformation Sunday.  I know this news comes as a disappointment to those who especially planned on being in our sanctuary this Sunday.  Keep the faith!  Keep being optimistic!  Though certainly the virus has impacted us far longer than we initially thought, using our heads, practicing vigilance, will eventually curtail the spread of the pandemic.  How? Everyone must cooperate!  Thank YOU for doing so!”  

WE INVITE ALL OF YOU TO BE WITH US ON SUNDAY FOR OUR 10:00 AM ZOOM REFORMATION WORSHIP SERVICE! Not only are the hymns and scripture lessons available for here, but the Order of Service as well.  Please click on the Reformation Celebration Email 10-25-2020 and Sunday, October 25, 2020 attachments above and your Reformation Sunday Celebration Service will appear! It would be very helpful to print all of the information. YOU will be able to sing the hymns and YOU will be able to participate in the service itself!  We CAN still be together for this special Celebration!

You will note in the Order of Service – and your Bibles, our scripture lessons will be      
Jeremiah 31:31-34
Romans 3:19-28
John 8:31-36

Thank you, Charlene Brauckmuller and Marcia Hallenbeck for reading these passages for us.

PLEASE plan to sign in early (9:45 AM) for Sunday’s worship service.