Prayer requests sent from Pastor Mike via Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

1.  Bonnie Frank remains hospitalized for the onset of a weird kind of leukemia… a cancer of the veins  She remains positive… but understandably is frightened as she is having the first of her chemos at SkyRidge hospital in Lone Tree. 
2.  Now, husband George Frank is hospitalized at SkyRidge also…this for the problem he has quite often with his esophagus and swallowing (Bonnie is relieved to learn that George is hospitalized given that he does not eat very well without her assistance at home).
3.  Dave Jones is hospitalized Porter Hospital right now for dehydration (At least as of 2 days ago… I called wife Meridith again yesterday to ask about his condition and left a message but did not hear back from her.
4. Meridith herself continues to struggle with painful back problems.
5.  Lynn Reid texted me this morning to inform us that husband Steve is hospitalized for Covid and that Lynn has a mild case of it. Ironic that Steve and Lynn’s daughter Kendra has been down here in Vallarta these last days staying in a hotel near to us (I tried to link up with Kendra earlier this week but she said she had but little opportunity to meet as she is enjoying so many fun activities). We are glad to hear Kendra also is having an amazing time here in Puerto Vallarta! 
My wife, Pastor Barb Lemke has been trying to look in on.people in my absence.  Please pray for all.