Please Remember in Prayer

1. From Meridith Jones: Prayers for Teresa (our son’s dearest friend) and her family. Teresa’s father passed over last night due to COVID-precipitated cardiac arrest. 
2. Jeff Johnson will be leaving the US for Indonesia in a week. I had a nice breakfast with him this morning and he welcomes your prayers for a safe flight and joyous reunion with his wife.
3. I just got off the phone with Gina Diekmeier: Gina has learned that her daughter Dana was in a bad car accident (occurring January 1st though Gina just learned about the accident and hospitalization).  Gina is with Dana now at Denver Health. Dana has broken bones in her back, leg, and ribs. She has a head injury… and apparently has been in ICU for over 2 weeks now.  Gina thinks that Dana will be moved to a regular room sometime this week.  Pray for God to hold all the Diekmeiers in his loving care… And important to pass on: Dana’s son Julian (singing with Gina often in our Zoom services) DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT HIS MOM’S ACCIDENT OR CONDITION! If you reach out to Gina at home… and get Julian… DO NOT LET ON TO HIM THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED!
4.  Jim Owen and his wife Pat join us for Zoom worship every Sunday from Nashville, Tennessee. Jim and Pat were not on Zoom last Sunday… a first! Come to find out, Jim was walking for exercise and fell, breaking his arm near his shoulder blade last weekend. Pray for Jim’s healing… and I am sure Jim will not mind: Pray for his Buffalo Bills to beat the Ravens!!!  Haha!!!
God’s Peace and Love!
Pastor Mike Lemke