Please Remember in Prayer…

• Jeff Johnson’s brother-in-law in Indonesia, Yono, has stomach cancer and is in need of surgery.  The family does not have the money needed for the operation. Please pray for Yono’s healing, comfort financial assistance.

• Marcia Hallenbeck had the second of her cataract surgeries today.  All went well.  Pray for her recovery.

• Marcia’s friend Bill Amann recently had an MRI on his head because of memory loss.  Thankfully, there was no indication of a brain tumor or abnormality.  Unfortunately, however, Bill may be struggling with the onset of Altzheimer’s.  Pray for Bill’s healing and wife Dottie’s comfort.

• Dee Sprinkle shared with us yesterday before worship that a friend of hers hospitalized in Chicago is in need of prayers for recovery.

• Julie Prange’s sister is in a care facility in Minnesota.  Julie has periodically made trips to Minnesota over this last year to attend to her sister.  Being away from loved ones is SO hard especially during this socially distancing time.  Please pray for all those in need of added attentions these days… and for their loved ones (Julie and her sister(s))… who are not able to go into nursing homes/ hospitals/clinics as in the past.

• Tom Christy asks us to pray for a buddy of his in Texas named Larry.  Larry’s wife passed and Larry is struggling so.  Pray for God’s loving embrace on those who especially need God’s “hugs’ these days.