The month of November is filled with so much!  We vote, we honor, we remember, we share, we thank, we change our clocks…

Cross of Glory will do something a little different this month. We are splitting our monthly benevolence to assist two organizations. Half will go to the Denver Rescue Mission, an organization we have supported throughout the years. Denver Rescue Mission feeds Thanksgiving dinners to thousands of our fellow citizens every year. If you would like to add to their cause, please designate on your check for Denver Rescue Mission.

The other organization we are donating to is Freedom Service Dogs of America. A local branch in Englewood, partners people with custom-trained assistant dogs. Clients include veterans with PTSD, and individuals with neurocognitive disabilities, physical challenges such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, MS, and spinal and brain injuries. 

FSD provides therapy dogs to serve with therapists, law enforcement, and more. Since 1987, Freedom Service Dogs of America has provided support to 200 active teams, at no cost to their clients.

Their mission is to transform lives by partnering people with custom-trained assistant dogs. If you love working with dogs and want some fun, they offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Visit the website at: