Metro Caring’s March Food Item of the Month CANNED MEATS: CHICKEN, TUNA, SPAM

During March, please bring canned meats to BOB, our Big Orange Box out front. The folks at Metro Caring are so appreciative of our donations. Thank you all!

As we are still in the winter months, I ask those of you entering the church during the week to please check BOB when you come in. If you would please bring any food items in to prevent freezing. There are boxes on the floor under the mailboxes, let’s fill them up. Give me a call to let me know we have food ready to go to Metro Caring. Thank you!

A special Thank You to all for bringing soup to church through the month of February. Pastor Mike set a hefty goal at 10,000 cans. At this writing, we’re still collecting soup, I’m not sure we’ll hit 10,000, but we have made an impact. Thank you again!