Events that people celebrate in March: Day-light Saving Time begins; St. Patrick’s Day and the First Day of Spring. 

At Cross of Glory in March, we celebrate five Sundays of 10:00 AM Worship, two 6:00 PM Wednesday Lenten Soup Suppers followed by two 7:00 PM Wednesday Lenten Services, a Bring a Friend to Church Sunday at 10:00 AM on the fifth Sunday of the month AND we honor everyone born during March on the third Sunday of the month (Sunday, March 15) following our worship service at 10:00 AM!

We want to include ALL March birthday individuals!  Please jot down your birthdate information (year is not necessary) on the paper located in our pew pads.  After our March 15 worship service, you will receive a “gift” (dessert) in the Fellowship Hall! Be with us!