Maintenance Report Church Clean-up Date Coming

We all know this past 18 months have been an unusual time.  Because of the quarantine many maintenance/repair items at the church, and general upkeep projects have been delayed.  So far this year repairs have been made to the ladies’ room sink; fire extinguishers have been refilled and brought up to date; the fountain in our building has been repaired; outdoor sprinklers have been checked and repaired where needed; the lawn has been aerated by an outside company and the lawn has been mowed and snow removed from the sidewalks.  Which means we have only been tackling the most urgent tasks.

Last spring, Steve Reid and I toured the inside and outside of the church and made a list of maintenance needs and suggestions.  Some are more urgent than others; some will be evaluated as to necessity, and other items will be added when needed.

A Clean-up date will be scheduled in the fall when the weather is cooler.  All church members will be invited to participate in any way they can or are able. A task list will be available as soon as a date is scheduled.  Many of the tasks will be just general clean-up (cobwebs, weeds, etc).   Most of the tasks will be outside.  We will begin at 8:00 AM.  Donuts and coffee will be available before we start, and a hot dog lunch will be served afterward. 

I am also hoping to have another clean-up day later in the winter for some indoor clean up and organization.   And next year I’d like to arrange an Outdoor Spring Clean Up and a Fall/Winter Clean Up which I hope will become annual events.

I hope you will be able to participate in these events even if it is just making suggestions.

John Test, Property Chairman

On the same day as the clean-up, Steve Reid has offered to donate his time to re-roof the small shed at the back of the property.  Thank you, Steve.