PETS FOR VETS IS OUR JULY OUTREACH FOCUS ORGANIZATION.  The Pets for Vets program is dedicated to supporting military veterans and providing a second chance to shelter pets.  Many brave military personnel return home with scars, both visible and unseen, that make it difficult to transition back to civilian life.  When a veteran is matched with the right pet, a special bond develops which changes the lives of both the veteran and the animal for the better.  The pet provides unconditional love and support to the veteran, easing stress, depression, loneliness and anxiety.  The veteran saves the animal by giving it a loving home.

Professional animal trainers rehabilitate shelter animals, training and pairing them with veterans who could benefit from a companion animal.  Training can include desensitization to wheelchairs or crutches, and learning to recognize panic or anxiety disorder behaviors.  Special attention is given to find the perfect match based on the personality, temperament, needs, wants and expectations of both the veteran and the animal.

This is a win-win situation – a second chance at life for shelter dogs and a second chance at health and happiness for veterans.  The Pets for Vets program doesn’t only place dogs.  They have also placed cats and even rabbits.  Any U.S. veteran who could benefit from a skilled companion animal is eligible to apply to the program.  There are currently 23 Pets for Vets chapters across the United States, including a Denver chapter.  If you wish to support this special organization, you can make a designated offering to Cross of Glory.  Simply indicate “Pets for Vets” on your check.

Thank you to all our military veterans for your dedication and sacrifice to our country.  We are better for what you have given of yourself.