This Mission Center was founded in 1993 by our Christian neighbors, the Korean Baptist Church, in memory of Pastor Lee’s wife. Mrs. HanHee Kim’s vision was to help the poor and neglected children of the world. The “Children of Jesus” (COJ) ministry of the mission center has endeavored to introduce 150,000 needy children to Jesus. The COJ ministry has annual mission trips to Peru, touching the lives of many youth and teaching them of God’s love for all children. Cross of Glory has been a part of that vision, sponsoring Nayda Sutta Guispe in Peru for a number of years. Nayda recently completed high school and therefore no longer qualifies for the COJ program.  However, she continues to attend church.

We are now sponsoring a 12-year-old boy, Jefferson Javier Fasa Vi Chota. He lives with his parents and a younger brother in Iquitos, Peru.  Jefferson’s father is a fisherman and his mother is a homemaker. Jefferson likes to study and would like to be a policeman when he grows up.  He attends church regularly and his prayer request is for him and his family, and especially for his mother to get closer to God. They live in extreme poverty. Our financial support provides Jefferson with food, school uniforms, school supplies and basic medical support.  Please support Jefferson and his family with your prayers and designated financial gift to the HanHee Kim World Mission Center.  For additional information, talk to Pastor Mike or Julie Prange.