Hymns and Scriptures for Sunday, August 23

Here are the hymns and scripture lessons for Sunday, August 23, that will make you feel even better! 

Click and OPEN that attachment and the hymns will appear! Thank you for printing those hymns prior to our 10:00 ZOOM worship service tomorrow.   It gives you the opportunity to “practice” and to be ready to join our Cross of Glory Congregational Choir!!


Our scripture lessons will be:
Isaiah 51:1-6
Romans 12:1-8
Matthew 16:13-20

Thank you, Marcia Hallenbeck and Jeff Johnson, for sharing the passages with us.

Remember – for those of you who attended our Outdoor Worship Service at Cross of Glory on Sunday, August 9, the Celebrate inserts were included with the announcements for tomorrow as well!


We have two “traditions” to observe next Sunday, August 30!

Sunday, August 30, is the fifth Sunday of the month – that means it’s “Bring a Friend to Church Sunday!”   You have two opportunities to extend an invitation to your friends – we will be worshipping at Cross of Glory at our OUTDOOR WORSHIP SERVICE  at 10:00 AM, observing social distancing and wearing masks.  If possible, please bring your own chairs.  If not, chairs will be available.  If you are not comfortable being with us physically at Cross of Glory, you can invite your friends to join us at our ZOOM 10:00 AM Worship Service which we will be providing next week as well. You can share the blue link needed to join that service next week.  

On Sunday, August 30, It’s Hymn Sing Sunday which means you not only can participate in our Cross of Glory Congregational Choir, but YOU CAN SELECT THE HYMNS WE WILL BE SINGING!!!  Please submit those hymns to Pastor Mike (quilargo@aol.com) (303-995-1044) or me (lemkemj@comcast.net) (303-980-9843)  either by email or a phone call.  We would LOVE to hear from you!  Please do so no later than Wednesday, August 26.  THANK YOU!