Hymns and Lessons for Sunday, May 17

The scripture lessons we will be studying on Sunday are:
Acts 17:22-31
1 Peter 3:13-22
John 14:15-21

Using your Bibles, find the lessons and follow along as the passages are read.

Thanks to the Zoom technology, our worship services are being “seen” and “heard” beyond Denver and Colorado.  We have others joining us.  Our readers on Sunday will be Dee Sprinkle, living in Texas, and Steve Lemke, living in Arizona.  Thank you, Dee and Steve, for assisting us tomorrow morning.

On behalf of our Music and Worship Committee, I’d like to invite all of you to participate in a couple of “traditions” we will continue to observe, with the help of Zoom, during our worship service on Pentecost Sunday, May 31 (the last and fifth Sunday of the month).  First, it’s our HYMN SING SUNDAY which means YOU select the hymns that we will sing.  Please call (303-980-9843) or email me at lemkemj@comcast.net with your favorites.  Secondly, being the fifth Sunday of the month, it’s BRING A FRIEND TO CHURCH SUNDAY!  You can still do that by sharing our Zoom instructions with your many friends and invite them to join us as they worship with us in their homes on that Sunday as well!!! Thank you for participating!

Download the Hymns here and sing along!