A huge “Thank You” to all those who helped get our feet wet with our first birthday potluck of the season! During our council meeting, a few things were pointed out that we hope will make future potlucks go a  little smoother.  First, whoever is assigned Fellowship on that Sunday will be the host and will provide the birthday cake or cupcakes as well as set up the coffee and juices. We don’t feel the need for the lemonade dispenser, YET. Second, we will need volunteers to help the host with clean up. Even though we are using disposable tableware where we can, there is still quite a bit of cleanup to do in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall.

Finally, the host will get to choose a theme for their potluck. As soon as the host lets me know what they chose, (Mexican, Italian, etc.) I will put it on the signup sheet. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Craig Pizinski,

Fellowship Chairperson