There have been wonderful “surprises” that came out of this last year’s pandemic!  Yes, you heard correctly!  Through Zoom, we saw MORE people in worship at Cross of Glory than normally we had IN our sanctuary!  We typically had a dozen or more Bible students in studies on Tuesday nights, more than had we been at church for study.  Yes, indeed, there were the pluses!

Throughout the pandemic, we held Tuesday evening Bible studies weekly and…without interruption! We went a year without a break!  Most recently, we studied the four Gospels with Steve Wilson’s help.  As we move into June, we will continue into the New Testament beginning with the Book of Acts.  Plan on being with us on Tuesdays at 6:15 PM.  Pastor Mike and Steve Wilson will guide us through an account of the earliest years of Christianity.

Our forum promises to be interactional. We will read certain passages from Scripture and then allow plenty of time for discussion and questions.  Your input is both welcomed and appreciated.  Together we are better.  Do not feel that you cannot participate because you are not familiar with the Bible.  Join us!  Your comments, all the more, will be helpful!  And be assured that the study will be interactional.  We will not be merely reading the Scriptures (we can be doing that at home). We will look forward to the fellowship, the reflections of all those participating.

Join us!  Commit to being with us beginning the first Tuesday in June, June 1!