Our Cross of Glory Yard Sale is Saturday, August 27!  Thank you for collecting “treasures” you desperately needed at one time, but unfortunately, no longer have space nor need of now! By making those items available for our Cross of Glory Yard Sale, you will have enough room for “newly treasures” you can purchase at our sale!!! It’s a win-win!

Beginning August 14, the items can be brought to Cross of Glory and placed in a designated area in our Fellowship back room.  Times will be announced when someone will be at the church to receive the items. Please contact Shelly Blakely at 303-549-0056.

This year, as a monumental help, please, please, please put a price tag on your item before you donate it to church.  This will save Cross of Glory folk the formidable challenge of pricing all items donated…and remember:  We will NOT be receiving mattresses, electronic items such as computers and televisions for our Yard Sale. 

We need helpers for our Yard Sale.  You would be paid nothing for your assistance but certainly would be considered a prime candidate for sainthood!  How about it?  Please talk with Shelly Blakely or a council person about your willingness to help!

AND, make sure when you come to our Yard Sale, that you also consider buying a delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwich from our entrepreneur Trevor Wilson! Trevor’s grilled cheese sandwiches have been a hit at past Cross of Glory Yard Sales! You may also want to purchase the lemonade made by our little ones at church. Following in Trevor’s footsteps, our Cross of Glory kids are well on their way to operating a small business as well! Thanks for your support!