We had our first Cross of Glory Outdoor Worship Service on our patio on Sunday, August 9. Those who gathered for worship practiced safe distancing, wore masks and used the disinfectants we had available.  Although church chairs were available, thoroughly cleaned, most brought their own chairs from home which was helpful. They appreciated the worship service, receiving communion and the opportunity to see one another in person.

Your church council met via ZOOM on August 18. It was decided that we will hold two more Outdoor Worship Services at Cross of Glory on Sundays, August 30 and Rally Sunday, September 13.  Because our last Outdoor Worship Service proved safe, we will trust that in outdoor services to come, all will comply equally as well.

Our first concern must always be the well-being and safety of our church family and friends. Many of you are joining us Sunday after Sunday on ZOOM.  Perhaps you would do well to stay at home and participate in worship in your pajamas!  We are hosting these outdoor services especially for those who do not have access to ZOOM.  We are also hosting these outdoor services to serve Holy Communion.  Remember our Bishop Jim Gonia is still suggesting that Rocky Mountain Synod Lutheran Churches not worship indoors until after the first of the year.  He is even advocating that congregations not do outdoor worship services until December.  We go into our outdoor services at Cross of Glory carefully and urge you to continue doing the excellent jobs you are doing to maintain your health. Wearing masks and practicing safe distancing is not only for your benefit. You help others with your conscientious precautions against spreading the virus.  Thank you for your cooperation!

So, we will be hosting Outdoor Worship Services on our patio at Cross of Glory at 10:00 AM on the Sunday mornings of August 30 and again on September 13.  Communion will be offered. IF you attend, PLEASE WEAR MASKS, PLAN TO SOCIAL DISTANCE AND BRING YOUR OWN CHAIRS, IF POSSIBLE.  We will do all we can to ZOOM our worship from the patio on those Sundays as well at 10:00 AM.