ANNOUNCING: Opening up our church building once again! Sunday, October 25

It was Wednesday, March 18.  Your church council made the responsible decision to close our church building given the concerns over the virus.  Now the date will be Reformation Sunday, October 25.  Your church council, responsibly, is opting to open up our church building once again!

Oh, the opening will be a test run.  Several hours were spent discussing what opening would look like.  Every sensible precaution will be exercised to better ensure that all worshippers are safe.  Having said that, everyone in attendance must do their fair share to cooperate with the following reasonable mandates. 


  1. Everyone in attendance must wear masks.  Should you forget your mask at home, masks will

     be available to you at church.

  1. Everyone must use the sanitizer available at a check-in table upon arriving indoors.  Of

     course, you are encouraged to wash your hands before you come to church.

  1. Plastic gloves will be available for you to wear should you choose to do so.
  2. You will be asked to sign-in at the check-in table.  This is a great way for us to continue

     updating best contact information on and for you.

  1. Though temperatures will not be taken as you come into our sanctuary, you are encouraged

     to check your temperature at home prior to your church arrival.  Please do not come to

     church if you are feeling ill or if you have a temperature.

  1. You will be ushered into the church.  You will be asked to sit in spaces cleaned and ready for

     you, a safe distance from other sanctuary worshippers.  You are allowed to sit alongside

     family members.

  1. As you enter the church you will be able to pick up your bulletin and communion kit.  We will

     not be moving around the sanctuary once worshippers are seated.

  1. An offering plate will be at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Please place your offering into the

     plate upon entering or leaving the sanctuary.  

  1. Bring your Bibles from home to use.  Hymns and readings will be emailed to you prior to the

     service. Print and bring your emailed song sheets with you as well.

  1. Of course you will have access to the bathrooms…but…as we want to minimize moving

     around while inside the building… try to do your business before worship.

  1. You will be ushered out of the church upon dismissal.  We do not want there to be a

     bottleneck of people at the back of the church trying to leave worship at the same time.