SIGN UP SHEETS: In the Fellowship Hall, please note the ministry opportunities:

  • Advent Readers for December 8, 15 and 22
  • Poinsettia sponsors for Christmas ($15 per plant)

NEEDED:  We are enjoying the projected portions of our worship service. We thank our present projectionists for the conscientious job they do. Additional help is needed with this ministry. Training and guidance can be available.  Please prayerfully consider what assistance you might be able to provide with our projections. 

EXTRA NEW GREETING CARDS AND CALENDARS: New greeting cards (all occasion) and calendars are items that are always needed at New Beginnings Worshipping Community, the church inside the Denver Women’s Correction Facility.  Donations may be placed in the designated container found on the community information table in the Fellowship Hall.  Questions?  Please talk to Julie Prange.