Lent Begins Wednesday, February 17
Ash Wednesday Cross of Glory ZOOM Worship Service 7:00 PM

Epiphany, the season of light and revelation began immediately after the 12 days of Christmas. In Epiphany, Christians consider the Divinity of Christ. Beginning with Ash Wednesday, this year, observed on February 17th, Christians around the world enter into the sacred church season of Lent. Lent, a 40-day period (excluding Sundays) running from Ash Wednesday to the Saturday before Easter, calls Christians to consider the humanity of Jesus. During Epiphany, disciples of Christ know Jesus to shine. During Lent, disciples of Christ know Jesus to bleed.

Choose now to make your Lenten disciplines a priority. In the first centuries of Christianity, Lent was a time of instruction for newcomers to faith in anticipation of their early morning Easter baptisms. Prayer, fasting, and Bible study mark the season. How we pray this year that you too will join Christians on the planet in renewed zeal for growth in faith, prayer, and devotion to the Scriptures.

Plan on being with us for Zoom broadcasts of our worship services every Wednesday evening beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 17, at 7:00 PM and culminating in the Wednesday before Holy Week. I have decided this year to preach on select verses from Isaiah 53, the Song of the Suffering Servant, for our Wednesday evening observances:

Wednesday, February 24: Isaiah 53:1-3  (Despised)
Wednesday, March 3: Isaiah 53:4-5   (Pierced)
Wednesday, March 10: Isaiah 53:6-7   (Silent)
Wednesday, March 17: Isaiah 53:8-9   (Cut Off)
Wednesday, March 24: Isaiah 53:10-12  (Crushed)

Of course, plan on being with us via Zoom on Sunday mornings as well (10:00 AM) and on Maundy Thursday, April 1 and Good Friday, April 2, (7:00 PM).

Because it is so well-known, loved and requested year after year by our members, we will once again be using the Holden Evening Prayer service as the liturgy for our Wednesday evenings together. If you would be willing to read a Scripture passage or lead us in singing parts of the liturgy or a solo, please talk to me and/or Mom, Mary Lemke, our Cross of Glory Music and Worship Chairperson, these next weeks.

Jan Reich, our Cross of Glory Outreach chairperson, will decide upon a worthy ministry for our Wednesday evening Lenten offerings. If you have some suggestions for Lenten offering designation, please talk with Jan.

Thank you ahead of time for embracing this chance to recommit our lives to the direction and care of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus carried the cross for us. Might we take up our crosses and follow Him into greater life and into impacting others for God’s sake.

 “By his stripes, WE are healed!”