I want to especially thank our Cross of Glory family and our many “outside” supporters for the care extended to me, my wife Barb and my immediate family (Mom especially) given my cancer diagnosis and my recent heart replacement valve surgery.

For various reasons, this past year has especially been challenging! When my doctor told me at the end of May, 2020 that I had bone-marrow cancer, I worried that Covid would make my recovery all the more difficult. I needed to be extra careful. As it turned out, the ability NOT to meet in person generally, to be limited in public gathering, was ironically… for me… a hidden… blessing. There were the many times I wanted to be more actively “out and about” and yet “discretion was the better part of valor.” Now you know.

When I had a faulty heart valve repaired two weeks ago, I wondered thereafter if I had even HAD the   surgery! Thankfully, throughout both my illness and recently discovered heart problem, I have not experienced ANY significant pain. I am doing remarkably well given the care of my doctors, the ability to afford ongoing medical procedures (with the help you give me insurance-wise through the church) and your prayers and love.  God is SO good… all the time!  Thank you for YOUR support!

I will keep you posted with word of my health as time goes on! This journey has been one of wonderful blessings and surprises!  Joy and thanks!