Helping Hands is our special congregational program to support people in our midst who quietly struggle day-to-day but don’t qualify for assistance through established organizations.  Since 2011, we have helped many who have a real need for just a little extra help.  There are no administrative costs and every dollar you designate to the Helping Hands program goes directly to those who need assistance.  In the past, we have helped with the purchase of school supplies, baby diapers, groceries or RTD bus passes.  Financial assistance has also been given to pay for medical expenses, utility bills or car repairs.

Please consider supporting Helping Hands with a designated gift.  You can also notify Pastor Mike if you are able to offer your time or personal services to help others.  If you or someone you know needs assistance from Helping Hands, confidential requests should be directed to Pastor Mike.  Thank you to all who have blessed others with your generous support.