In recent times there has been news about people of color being more susceptible to the Coronavirus due to underlying medical concerns and compromised health care. Inner City Health Center has been a health service pioneer, offering medical and dental care to the underserved for decades. Since 1983, ICHC has rendered medical and dental services to the Denver community and surrounding metro area regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. Inner City Health Center has two care clinics – one in north Denver and a satellite location in Wheat Ridge. A grant from The Colorado Health Foundation funded the construction of dental care suites in Wheat Ridge last year. Dental care, a critical component to good overall health, is now available at both clinic locations.

IHCH’s staff consists of skilled providers who offer comprehensive medical services, including prenatal, pediatric, adult and geriatric care. ICHC also offers dental care and behavioral health counseling. Services are provided on a sliding-scale basis, with all patients being treated equally with dignity. Approximately 60% of ICHC’s patients are uninsured; another 30% are on Medicaid. Hispanics account for more than half of the ICHC’s patients, and African-Americans account for another 12-15%. Over 22,000 patients will receive medical and dental services this year from ICHC.

Inner City Health Center’s mission statement: “Inner City Health Center is a Christ Centered healthcare home for underserved individuals where consistent, high quality treatment is provided in an atmosphere of genuine respect. We express our love for Jesus Christ and our compassion for those in need through deep concern for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

We are grateful for the vision and commitment of Inner City Health Center. If you wish to personally support Inner City Health Center, you can make a designated offering to Cross of Glory, noting “Inner City Health Center” in the memo line of your check.