If you shop at King Soopers and/or Safeway, they have programs that when you enroll, your purchases can benefit Cross of Glory.  Cross of Glory is enrolled in the King Soopers Community Rewards Program that is tied to purchases made using the King Soopers Loyalty/Reward cards.  If you already have a Loyalty/Rewards card, follow the instruction to enroll online. If you do not already have a King Soopers Loyalty/Reward card, one may be obtained at your local King Soopers Service Desk before you can go online to enroll. For Cross of Glory to get credit, you will need to link your loyalty card to Cross of Glory using King Soopers’ website.

Safeway reloadable gift cards are still available for $5. Contact Colette Kerlin. Need to add more money to your Safeway card? Using cash, debit or a credit card, go to the customer service desk or cash register. If you reload at the cash registers, make sure it is done before your order is rung up.