Thank you to the many individuals who make our Cross of Glory ministry so meaningful, especially during this sacred season.

To those who:

• Provided and served soup and side dishes for our Lenten suppers

• Sponsored flowers, (palm branches) and lilies to beautify our sanctuary

• Assisted with the worship services themselves

And then notably, thanks is extended to:

• Karen Matlock, Gina Dietmeier, Pam Lugo, Marcia Hallenbeck and Steve Wilson for their added musical sharings.

• Lynn Reid, Pastor Mike, Kelli Dankenbring, Carin Davis, Pam Lugo, Jim Mueller, Julie Prange and Steve Wilson for sharing their Children’s Sermons and Sunday School Ministry with our young people. 

• The Cross of Glory Choir for practices and performances. 

• Edie Carlson, Kelli Dankenbring, Steve Reid and Trevor Wilson for providing the visual effects that enhance our worship services. 

• The Sullivan Family for once again gracing us with trumpets, trombone and flute.

• Carin Davis who coordinated our Easter Breakfast.

• Mary Lemke and Pastor Barb Lemke for preparing all our worship bulletins.

• And most importantly, YOU, for participating in our ministry!

(Our apologies to anyone we mistakenly overlooked – you are appreciated too!)