During the summer of 1990, I was traveling home to Arkansas from Wisconsin. I had my 10- year-old nephew and my two, very young daughters with me. We had to stop for the night near Rochester, MN. As we walked into the rural motel, the desk clerk was sending a teenage girl away. It appeared she had all her earthly belongings with her and no method of transportation. 

Do you have those things we have left undone, haunt you?  I continue to think of that young girl, hopefully now in her mid-40’s. What could I have done to help her then?  What can I do now?

The mission of Urban Peak in Denver is “ignite the potential in youth to exit homelessness and create self-determined, fulfilled lives.” Young people seeking shelter get basic needs met, support and guidance. Urban Peak has an Outreach Team working to meet young people living on the streets of Denver. In addition to shelter, Urban Peak has an Education Program, covering the cost of GED exams and more. It also offers Employment and Training Services. 

For April, our focus for Outreach will be to help youth in need. Please support Urban Peak.