2018 Lenten Schedule

Lent Begins Ash Wednesday, February 14

The sacred Lenten season and consequent Holy Week and Easter observances of 2018 are relatively early this year. Cross of Glory will once again observe Lent with renewed zeal and devotion. The Lenten season is right around the corner!  Beginning with Ash Wednesday, February 14, we once again observe the 40 days of Lenten discipline.

This year, like we have done in the past, we will be holding worship services with Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. We will alternate our worship service locations throughout February and March Lenten Wednesdays, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Prince of Peace is located at 2400 South Colorado Blvd., just a couple of blocks south of Evans on Colorado.

Here is the schedule:
Wednesday, February 14: 7:00 PM    Ash Wednesday Worship
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Wednesday, February 21:  7:00 PM Lenten Service
Cross of Glory (The Kiss in the Garden)

Wednesday, February 28:  7:00 PM Lenten Service
Prince of Peace (The Rooster Crow)

Wednesday,  March  7:  7:00 PM Lenten Service
Cross of Glory (The Pounding of the Nails)

Wednesday, March 14:  7:00 PM Lenten Service
Prince of Peace (The Roll of the Dice)

Wednesday, March 21:  7:00 PM Lenten Service
Cross of Glory (The Earthquake Roar)

Muandy Thursday Worship, Thursday, March 29:  7:00 PM

Good Friday Worship,  Friday, March 30, 7:00 PM
Please be sure to be with us as we reflect on Jesus’ great love for us and our response to God’s grace. You note that we are holding services in the evening. Many remarked they preferred evening Lenten services over our noon offerings of the past.  Consequently, we anticipate having good attendance these upcoming Wednesday evenings. Please be supportive! Come to church on these Wednesdays!
Let Pat Lemster, our Music and Worship Councilperson, know if you need a ride. 

Look for the soup sign-up sheet in our Fellowship Hall. On the Wednesdays AFTER Ash Wednesday, we will once again be holding 6:00 PM Soup Suppers prior to Lenten worship. When we worship at Cross of Glory, please consider sharing a soup.

Offerings for our Lenten season will be going to ELCA World Hunger.